When and Where to Inject HGH All You Need to Know

Do you want to know when and where to inject human growth hormone? Read further to find useful tips.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most vital ones required for the development of the human body.

When an adult suffers from a deficiency of HGH, treatment becomes a must.

Since growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland, any problem or damage to this part of the brain may cause a severe lack of HGH. When it comes to health issues then HGH injections are extremely on demand.

Despite multiple methods available for treating growth hormone deficiency, injections are the most common type of therapy. HGH injections ensure the optimal effects and alleviation of symptoms caused by HGH lack.

History of HGH Replacement Therapy

A long time ago, hormone replacement therapy was only possible thanks to the 100% growth hormone derived from cadavers. However, such hormone therapy was too costly and this was the risk of transferring infection or bacteria from the dead bodies.

A synthetic version of HGH produced by pharmaceutical companies has become a more conventional human growth hormone therapy. This has led both to positive and negative outcomes.

The best aspect of such treatment is that it has become more affordable and convenient. However, a lot of fake medication has started to be produced by multiple illegal providers across the globe. Now it’s tougher to find a reliable authorized pharmacy to buy legal HGH injections by prescription.

When it comes to the process of HGH injections, there are many options available, but mainly subcutaneous injections are dominant ways of HGH administration within growth hormone replacement therapy. Unlike testosterone injections which are mostly administered as IM ones, HGH is quite possible to be made underneath the skin.

When thinking about how to take HGH injections, you can prefer to self-administer those shots because this is quite convenient. When administering the med beneath the skin, you can choose the sites like:

  • abdominal area;
  • the upper arm (deltoid muscle);
  • glutes (butt cheeks);
  • thighs.

However, there are options for injecting medication through IM, as there are some HGH medications offering such type of administration.

Best Time to Inject Human Growth Hormone

When it comes to HGH injections, the best time for its administration is a few hours after a meal, as HGH and insulin are interconnected and don’t work well together.

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After having a meal, it’s time for insulin to function, and it’s better that you receive your HGH injections when some time after your meal has passed. One more optimal time for injection is just before you go to sleep, as such practice may increase the positive effects of the medication.

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone of 191 Amino Acids

Thanks to genetic engineering, the synthetic HGH has replaced the one taken from cadavers, leading to the commercialization of synthetic hormone replacement therapy that is more comfortable, easier, and more affordable.

However, it is hard to produce HGH identical to that of the human body, and engineering paved the way to the production of synthetic hormones composed of 192 amino acids while the real hormone is composed of 191 amino acids.

The hormone produced with 192 amino acids helped patients as well as their natural HGH, but it resulted in some unexpected side effects. So, when they went on to administer HGH injections of 192 amino acids their bodies became resistant to this type of growth hormone and this reduced the efficiency of the treatment.

With the arrival of more advanced labs, it became finally possible to develop an identical-to-human type of HGH with 191 amino acids. Now this synthetic HGH with 191 amino acids gives no chances for resistance to occur and influence the results of the treatment.

When choosing the way of how to take HGH injections, you can come across the HGH versions with 192 amino acids, and you may wonder how come that is possible. Although genetic engineering of producing synthetic hormones with 192 amino acids was in the past, it’s still in practice as such production is popular at the black market.

The main reason for such popularity of synthetical growth hormone with 192 amino acids is that it’s much more affordable when compared to one of 191 amino acids that costs more.

Be sure to buy the product is authorized and legal pharmacies before you resolve to start the HGH replacement therapy.

Optimal Dosage of HGH Replacement

HGH dosage has always been a subject of discussion, and unlike testosterone injections, HGH injections should be administered more frequently.

Some people are stating that HGH injections should be administered on a daily basis, but they should be made 5 days a week with 2 days off. Frankly, this is untrue. No break-up should be made. A daily HGH dosage varies from 1 to 2 IUs (International Units) per injection. Optimal dosing depends on the severity of your natural HGH level drop, and thus, it can vary from one person to another.

As was mentioned, the best time for HGH injections is in the late evening and after a meal. The main reason for this is that this particular time of the day allows the synthetic hormone to imitate the natural hormone cycle.

Still, according to the research conducted recently, daily HGH injections in the late evenings weekly might not be ideal for everyone, as there’s a statement that injecting HGH too frequently may result in less effectiveness of the therapy.

Korean Study Results

Before you wonder about where to inject HGH and what dosing could be optimal, there’s noteworthy research to look into. It will help you to understand why a certain frequency of HGH injection is required and what the optimal dosing is.

In the 90s, Korean researchers analyzed and assessed 28 patients for one year. These people were divided into 3 groups. The first group received HGH shots 3 days a week, the second group received the same shots 7 days a week, and the third group received only a placebo. Those two groups without a placebo received about 4IUs per injection.

Blood tests were made on a regular basis to assess levels of HGH hormone in the blood along with other biomarkers. After the study, the weight of all participants remained almost the same, without any significant change.

However, the change in lean mass was significant in the groups receiving HGH shots. It was 2,8 kg in the group with the frequency of 3 shots per week and 2.9 in the group with the frequency of 7 shots per week. The group with 7 shots per week also showed a great fat reduction, about 2.8%, whereas the other group receiving treatment showed about 1.5%.

However, the exercise capacity of the group with 3 injections a week showed a significant increase compared to others, while none of the groups showed changes in bone mineral density.

In short, the study showed that there’s no need to inject a synthetic hormone too frequently to increase the effects of growth hormone replacement therapy. However, there’s a need for further research on optimal dosing of human growth hormone replacement therapy for every individual.

Pricing of HGH Injections

For now, it is clear that HGH injection therapy is legal in the USA but you should find an original product on a legal basis. One of the most critical things to keep in mind is that treatment should be prescribed by the thyroid specialist.

Hormone replacement treatment in the US is much more expensive than anywhere else, so when it comes to pricing, be ready to invest in your health because the results are worth expenses.

HGH Dosage for Anti Aging

HGH therapy is something that can make you become younger and stronger, and thereby, a proper HGH dose can change a lot. From the study mentioned above, we’ve learned that frequency is not the only factor that defines the proper dosage of HGH injection.

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Let’s define the benefits of HGH replacement therapy based on injections:

  • increase of lean muscle mass;
  • increase of strength and exercise capacity;
  • reduced body fat;
  • the better shape of the body.

The anti-aging effect is another important feature to be brought by HGH therapy. Your appearance and mental health are both significantly improved and you are going to observe additional benefits like:

  • the better tone of the skin;
  • thicker and healthier hair;
  • less amount of wrinkles;
  • enhanced work of visceral organs;
  • improved work of the heart muscle;
  • improved liver condition;
  • stabilized blood pressure.

When choosing the optimal dosage for anti-aging treatment, consider refusing from taking too many doses to see the benefits described above. The proper dosage ranging from 2 to 3 IU per shot can be considered adequate to see the results.

Before you start receiving HGH shots to fight anti-aging symptoms, you should also consider possible side effects. Despite the fact that human growth hormone is known to be well-tolerated it works just in case you take the true HGH type with 191 amino acids. Side effects are as follows:

  • pain on the injection site;
  • CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, numbness in fingers);
  • vertigo, headache, migraine-like attacks;
  • liquid stagnation or edema;
  • mild pain in joints or tendons.

Not all side effects are compulsory to be observed. They can appear just in case of improper administration or dosage.

Allergic Response and How to Avoid It

No matter how identical growth hormones with 191 amino acids can be, the problem is that there are cases when a human body can show allergic responses during HGH therapy. The symptoms of allergic reactions are as follows:

  • swelling and pain on the site of the injection after it has been administered;
  • stomach ache or sudden cramps in the leg or throughout the body;
  • suddenly increased blood pressure which may result in fainting or bleeding of the nose;

If you are disposed toward an allergic response, please contact a doctor as urgently as possible.

Be careful when choosing your product, as the mentioned above symptoms and side effects are less possible if you chose legal and properly regulated medical products for your HGH therapy. Avoid getting HGH from unknown or unreliable sources both offline and on the Web.

Please hold to the following rules when choosing a product for injections and when starting your treatment:

  1. Be sure that you use the medication from the reliable, reputable, and legitimate pharmacy approved in the USA.
  2. An injection of 1 IU should be administered subcutaneously in the area of the stomach and at a specified time.
  3. Once you feel itching on the site of the HGH injection, wait for 2 minutes until that sensation disappears. If itchiness doesn’t go away, check your blood pressure, and note down the difference between your normal blood pressure if there is any.
  4. Sit calmly. If your pressure is high, lay on your back and call the ambulance.

If you have any doubts, you can make an infection at the clinic to be sure you get the proper medical assistance in any case.

How much Human Growth Hormone should I take?

Before you start your HGH treatment, you should consult a qualified thyroid specialist and undergo lab tests to learn the frequency and dosage of injections suitable especially for you.

The dosage may vary depending on body composition, weight, age, type of disorder, and more factors that make your human growth treatment very individual in terms of receiving.

While someone should get a proper dosage of 2 UI per injection 3 or 5 times a week, others should receive the injection on a much more frequent basis or in a greater dosage.

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HGH dose doesn’t necessarily have to be high to demonstrate anti-aging effects, while bodybuilders may require higher levels of medication dosage for their particular needs. The dosing of HGH shots will vary greatly depending on your body type, the severity of the disorder, and the purpose of receiving the hormone therapy.

How long does it take for Human Growth Hormone to work?

Of course, it’s important to know where and how to inject the synthetic hormone, but it’s also significant to be informed about how much time is needed to feel the effects of HGH injections.

When considering the long-term changes, you should feel the difference within 3 or 6 months depending on the treatment type and the frequency of your HGH shots.

Recent research has shown that people between the ages of 61 and 81 who received hormone therapy treatment for 6 months have gained impressive results. Many of them have lost their body fat by about 15% and admitted the increase of the lean muscle mass of about 8%.

Moreover, some patients state you will start feeling the effects of HGH injections from the first month of treatment. You will experience better endurance, increased strength, better mood, and even more.

After 4 months, the changes become more visible and evident, and you’ll see improvements in stamina, your mood, emotional state, better health of hair, reduced fat, etc.

After half a year, the changes will be dramatic and pleasant to see, as you’ll look healthier, younger, and stronger.

Before you start your treatment, all you need is to get proper medication and optimal dosage and just enjoy the future results to come.

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